SQL Server Management Studio - SQL Server Diagnostics extension (preview)


We download:

We install SSMS 17.1 then go to install the SQL Server Diagnostics Extension

The installer picks up that we have SSMS 2017 installed and only requires just over 1MB to install!

The installer finishes in a few seconds and reminds us to restart SSMS (I did not have it open!)

Dump file collection

First we need a dump to collect, we try with a known issue for SQL Server 2016 RC3 and temporal tables with sparse columns

We then start the diagnostics extention to analyse the dump

We see that the dump needs to be copied to the machine contains SSMS so we can select the dumpfile

The sql server error log tells us the dumpfile location - we go there and see the dumpfile

We copy this to the machine that contains SSMS, we then click select and pick the dumpfile

Dump file upload and analysis

We then click upload and we progress is shown

This is where any sensitive information in a dump is sent outside your organization

Once the unload completes the analysis phase begins, the blue part moves around the circle!

Once the analysis is complete the recommendation appears

There is an option to "Log an issue or suggestion at Microsoft Connect", if we select this a browse opens at the SQL Server/Azure SQL Database connect site


If we choose "Recommandations" from the menu

We can get all recommendations broken down by version

We can filter by product version

We can also filter by feature area

If we drill down into SQL Server 2016 SP1 CU3 we can click on "See new fixes",we get fixes listed by features and a button to get the update

We can then click on a feature to get the list of related fixes

Clicking on a fix from the list then brings up the KB article

Clicking on "Get this update" takes us straight to the download page

Developer API

The Developer API option takes us to the related web page

API Documentation include that this is a RESTful API and includes in the list of APIs call to analyse a dump and also to get recommendations