My first india trip for Oracle Certification

Hotel Room

Local Washing on the pavement

Local Street

Lots of building work by the road

Cow by the street

More cows by the street

People and lady on moped

Cows grazing in the rubbish on the street

Wiring amongst the rubbish by the road!

Luxury building part 1

Luxury building part 2

Vehicle repair by the side of the road

Training Centre Outside Entrance

Koenig Entrance

Training Centre - upstairs to canteen - mind the step!

Training Centre Canteen

Training Centre outside the roof canteen - a Hitachi Array!

View over city from Training Centre

Building next to Training Centre

Not sure what these were on the roofs

Local business

Local Academy Part 1

Local Academy Part 2

Local Academy Part 3

Local Academy Part 4

24 Ambulance Service

HP First!

Luxury House

Found a Domino's...

...and a taco bell

Tiny local shop on the street

Instructor for my first course (Preparation for Oracle 11g Masters) just to my left

Instructor for my second course (Oracle 11g Admin Workshop I Edition 2)

I used to live in poplar london - not popular